A picturesque white sand beach in Ada Bojana perfectly depicts the pristine landscape that is found all throughout this particular island.

As a pure nature adorned with Mediterranean plants, skilfully hidden from curious eyes, the island is surrounded by a beautiful river Bojana, the only river in the World that flows both down and upstream because of the soil constitution.

The island is a triangular area of 5.4 km2. In the 19th century the Island Ada Bojana was created artificially: on the place of the present island a ship “Merito” got stranded and years of depositing river sediment have sculpted this little paradise on the Earth. Along with the fairy sunsets and endless nudist beach, the magical island of Ada Bojana  is what dreams are made of for each and every artist and poet.

Luxurious and comfortable bungalows are situated next to the very beach and insure your complete privacy. Once you are full of positive energy, you can tryout some sport activities which are extremly enjoyable, from horse riding, sailing, to paragliding, windsurfing etc.

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