Skadar Lake is the largest lake in Montenegro and on the Balkan Peninsula. As an National Park, Skadar Lake covers an area of ​​369.7 km2. Its length from Vranjina to Shkodra is 40 km, and its width in some places is 14 km. Depth of the lake goes from 4 to 6 meters, and further and further towards the west hill is even greater. By the river Bojana it is connected with the Adriatic Sea. The lake is full of islands and peninsulas with traces of valuable history and cultural heritage like Zabljak – the capital of the former Zeta, Lesendro – a fortress on a rock in the middle of the lake, and the fortress Grmozur.

Clear water and preserved ambience have enabled the development of an extremely rich ecosystem. This is the only pelican habitat in Southern Europe.

On the shores of the lake there is a small town – Rijeka Crnojevica. The peacefulness of the entire area of this town blends into some unique tones. A divine feeling reminds you of the spirits of the past times spiced with intact nature, which is reinforced with the vision that is made by water that almost doesn’t flow.

If you let all your senses rest and relax you will be able to feel immortality of the historical monuments and nature speaking for itself.

The filming of the famous tv show “Budva na pjenu od mora” took place in this town.

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