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This small fortified island, today is one of the most romantic getaways in Europe. Sveti Stefan is an unusual place that came into existence in a unique way.  It stands on the cliff of a rocky island and a sand isthmus looking like a stem connects it with the land.

The island has a 2-kilometre (1.2 miles) coast line located in the central part of Montenegro’s Adriatic coastline. It is situated to the south of Budva between Pržno and Sveti Stefan villages. The pink sandy beaches of St. Stefan, Milocer and Queen’s Beach are part of the coast line.

St. Stefan is also the name of the township that’s sprung up onshore. From its steep slopes, you can admire the iconic island. Of all the sights along the Adriatic shoreline, St. Stefan is the most extraordinary. That’s why it has unsurprisingly been named as Montenegro’s most photographed site.

Just think – you, the sound of the wind and a few seabirds for company and somewhere in these wild thoughts, smell of the morning coffee on the very same island.

Sveti Stefan Beach

Two sandy beaches with a total length of about 600 meters, separated by a raffle, which leads to the old town of St. Stephen, founded in the late 15th century, are an unusual natural phenomenon very rare in the world. This unique part of nature is the most exclusive part of the Montenegrin coast. The reddish-golden sand and the transparent blue-turquoise sea create the impression of absolute enjoyment. Next to the beach is a promenade with palm trees, oleanders, and amazing old olive trees.

Queens Beach

Queen’s beach or Small beach is the most beautiful beach on the Adriatic for many tourists. Tucked away in a small bay and surrounded by the famous Milocer forest, it exudes the true scent of the Mediterranean. It is about 120 meters long, and covered with fine sand and gravel, mixed with shells, which have been washed ashore the sea. It was named after the Yugoslav queen Marija Karadjordjevic.

Galija Beach

“Red hill” beach is separated from eastern St. Stephen’s Beach by a small hill. It is about 500 meters long. In one part it is sandy, and in the other part the rocky and sandy parts alternate. It was named after the hill located above, made of red rocks. It offers a beautiful view of the old town of St. Stefan, the island of St. Nikola and the open sea.

Przno Beach

The old fishing village of Przno, stone houses, a sandy beach 260 meters long, fishing boats in the bay, and the island of Krsic, only 50 meters away from the village, create an authentic ambience that exudes tradition and antiquity. From the beach Przno to the island of St. Stefan you can walk by a promenade through the forest.

Budva Carnival

A rich event with a series of festivities and events similar to the Kotor festivities. It is reflected during the month of May in Budva.




City Theater
Budva is known for the cultural event City Theater, which is synonymous with the theatrical life of the Montenegrin coast during the summer. The city theater has been running for 20 years, usually starting in July and ending in mid-August. In addition to the theater, it is possible to get to know local music and art.



Kotor Carnival
or originally Boka Night, is a traditional festival held in Kotor every year in the second half of August. This unique event, inherent in the masquerade of boats, represents a tradition and a modern approach to organizing events at sea.
This maneuver aims to maintain the tradition that seeks to portray coastal life and mental fisherman, help and Bokeća. The event also has a competitive character, and at the final parade, the most beautiful and creative “masks” are chosen. The town of Kotor is only 18 kilometers away from Budva.


Day of Shiruna
One of the oldest manifestations in Budva, a festival of fish, wine and entertainment is the Day of Shirun. It is held every year in early October in front of the walls of the Old Town.

Aqua park

This unique water amusement park of this type on the Adriatic coast, has a daily capacity of 6,000 people. A variety of attractions and entertainment tailored to all generations and allows everyone to find something to enjoy during their stay at the Aquapark.



Parasailing – parachute flight behind a speedboat
Extreme sports, experiments, vacation, which is full of adrenaline – all this can be found on all organized beaches of Montenegro. One of the most interesting, popular and favorite pastimes of tourists on the Adriatic – parachute flights behind speedboats. Skydiving is an imagination from the childhood of almost everyone. Everyone wants to survive the flight, feel an incredible feeling of freedom and happiness.



FlyBoard in Montenegro – it’s a new form of extreme sports and recreation, which is a flight on a special board. Flyboard is a special plate, equipped with two tubes connected by an 18 meter hose together to the turbine water engine. Such a length of hose allows the rise above the water up to 10 meters.



Diving in Montenegro will not leave anyone indifferent! At the bottom of the Adriatic Sea, you can find many interesting places, starting with natural caves with unique corals and ending with sunken warships and planes, which, as they say, have treasure in their dilapidated walls.

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