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If you have been itching for a getaway that feels far from any day routine, the coast provides an especially attractive lure for lovers of the beach, evening walks and nightlife. Another must-visit place, Budva, is known for its gold sand, perfect windsurf conditions and relaxed vibe, and of course one of the most popular Montenegrin beaches, Slovenska plaza. Trade mark of the Municipality of Budva is the combination of diversity and contrasts in one place.

Due to its favorable geographical position, Budva as one of the oldest cities in the Adriatic (2500 years old), it is the hot spot of Montenegrin tourism.

Within the Venetian walls that date from 15th century, lies down the Old Town. Visitors love to embrace and explore the other side of this marvelous town, which does not refer to entertainment, but to historical heritage, legends, curiosities and stories waiting to be told. Love is the main link between the legend of the town origin and what it is today. Never ending love story of Cadmus and Harmony had begun on this fertile soil, they later named Budva.

The best thing here is that you never feel like a tourist in a town crawling with them.

Jaz Beach

Jaz beach is about 2.5 kilometers away from Budva in the direction of Kotor and Tivat. It has two parts, one about 800 meters long and the other one, about 400 meters long. The total beach area equals 22500 m2. Tourists from Montenegro adore this pebble – sandy beach, surrounded by untouched nature. All true nature lovers, should not miss the opportunity to stay in the auto – camp, which is extremely popular here.

The world’s leading travel guide, Lonely Planet named Jaz beach, as the best European beach in 2015.

Trsteno Beach

Trsteno Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Budva and is one of the most attractive beaches on the Montenegrin coast. It is deeply indented in the mainland and thus protected from large waves, bora and the south.

Hidden shore, 200 m long and covered with fine sand, clear and azure water, sandy seabed, environment untouched by human hands, are just a part of what you can expect on the Trsteno beach. Jaz and Ploce beaches are nearby.

Ploce Beach

Ploce beach is 6 km away from the center of Budva in the direction of Tivat. It is located nearby the beaches Trsteno and Jaz. The territory of the beach is a terrain upgraded in levels, with places for deck chairs and stairs to go down to the water. Large parts of the beach are covered with gravel material for easier entry into the water. The bottom of the beach is made of pebbles, so the colour of the sea water comes to the fore. Thanks to the different place zones, this  beach is suitable for young people to enjoy their vacation and day parties, but also for families with children.

St. Nicholas Island beach Hawaii

Hawaii is a pebble and sandy beach on the island of St. Nicholas, located 1km away from Budva. The total length of the beach is more than 800 meters and it consists of 3 beaches different in sand granulation. It can only be reached by boat, yacht or catamaran from Slovenska plaza, Mogren and Becici.

If you are looking for privacy, you can find places along the rocky shore, which are very indented. The island is covered with dense forest and there are rabbits, pheasants and deer. There are cafes and bars on the island, as well as a very popular fish restaurant, which serves freshly caught fish. Fans of paragliding, water skiing and other sports activities love the water surface along the island.

Richard’s head Beach

This pebble beach is very popular and is one of the most visited in Budva. It is about 100 m long, and it was named after the actor Richard Vidmark, who shot the film “Long Ships” on this beach, in 1963. What makes “Richard’s head” special is the location of the beach because it is located in front of the walls of the Old Town of Budva.


Pizana Beach 

Pizana beach is another “city beach”, about 100 meters long. It is located below the north-eastern city tower Repeno. One of the best café restaurants in Budva, is located near this beach, which offers services on the beach due to it has become one of the most exclusive and favourite on the Riviera. Just a few steps away from this beach is an outdoor city pool.

Slovenska plaza Beach

Slovenska plaza is the most popular beach in Budva, about 1640 meters long. It stretches from the city marina to the Zavala peninsula, almost the entire length of the coastal belt of the city of Budva and dominates in the Budva landscape. Along the beach is a promenade with cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, discos and entertainment for children.

Mogren Beach

Mogren beach is located behind the old town of Budva and consists of two fine pebble beaches connected by a tunnel. A narrow path that starts from the Old Town and passes under the Avala Hotel can take you to the 350 meter long beach. On the way to the beach you will have a beautiful view of the Old Town and the island of St. Nicholas as a monument to a girl-ballerina. On one side are stacked rocks, and on the other – a cliff, on which sea waves break in a winter time.

Two parts of the beach will make beach day an unforgettable experience by their location, quality of sand and clear sea.

Budva Carnival

A rich event with a series of festivities and events similar to the Kotor festivals. It is held during the month of May in Budva.




City Theater

Budva is known for the cultural event City Theater, which is synonymous for the life of theatre of the Montenegrin coast during the summer. City Theater lasts  for 20 years, usually starts  in July and ends in mid-August. Beside the theatre, it is possible to get to know local music and art  through this festival.



Kotor Carnival

Boka Night, is a traditional festival that is held in Kotor every year, in the second half of August. This unique event, specific to the masquerade, represents a tradition and a modern approach to organizing events at seaside.

The aim of this event is to maintain the tradition of depicting coastal life. Also, the event has a competitive character, and the most beautiful and creative “masks” are being chosen at the final parade. The town of Kotor is only 18 kilometers away from Budva.


Day of Shiruna

Shirona day is one of the oldest events in Budva, a festival of fish, wine and entertainment . It is held annualy in early October in front of the walls of the Old Town.

Aqua park

The Aquapark in Budva offers to visitors modern, water attractions for adults and children, a restaurant and a cafe. On the territory of the aquapark, there is a water playground for children of up to 10 years, with a large bucket of water and slides overturning. There is also a pool with waves.

This unique water amusement park of this type on the Adriatic coast, has a daily capacity of 6,000 people. A variety of attractions and entertainment designed to all generations and enables everyone to find something to enjoy during their stay at the Aquapark. Active entertainment and water will make anyone hungry. Adults and children will find their favorite dishes in our restaurants: salads, pizzas, ice creams or cakes.


Parasailing – parachute flight behind a speedboat

Those who are not interested to spend time only on the beach can find other active entertainment. Extreme sports, experiments, vacation  full of adrenaline – all this can be found on all organized beaches of Montenegro. One of the most interesting, popular and favorite sports for tourists on the Adriatic is parachute flights behind speedboats. 




FlyBoard in Montenegro is a new form of extreme sport and recreation. Flyboard is a special plate, equipped with two tubes connected to the water engine turbine by a 18 meter hose.  Such a length of hose allows the rise above the water of up to 10 meters.




Diving in Montenegro will not leave anyone indifferent! At the bottom of the Adriatic Sea, you can find many interesting places, from natural caves with unique corals to sunken warships and planes, which, as they say, have a treasure in their dilapidated walls.

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